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Ballistic Blue 100g
Ballistic Blue 150g
Ballistic Blue 60g
Orange Assassin 100g
Orange Assassin 150g
Orange Assassin 80g
Shady Lady 100g
Shady Lady 150g
Shady Lady 80g
White Warrior 100g
White Warrior 150g
White Warrior 80g


  • Irresistible to snapper, kingfish and most fish species

  • This state of the art jig can be used as a slow pitch lure as well as several other techniques

  • The edges of the lure create its unique swimming and vibrating action that triggers an attack response in predatory fish species

  • Bright holographic colours on one side with contrast design on the other draws attention to the lure from a distance

  • Comes rigged with 3/0 stainless steel jigging hook and heavy duty Kevlar assist cord

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Size and Colour

Ballistic Blue 100g, Ballistic Blue 150g, Ballistic Blue 60g, Orange Assassin 100g, Orange Assassin 150g, Orange Assassin 80g, Shady Lady 100g, Shady Lady 150g, Shady Lady 80g, White Warrior 100g, White Warrior 150g, White Warrior 80g