Fish Inc Fly Half 80mm Popper


The Fly Half is Fish Inc’s second popper in their Big Game Series. Significantly smaller than the Scrum Half, coming in at 80mm and 16g it’s the perfect surface lure for a variety of game fish. The smaller size and unique belly design result in a great ‘walk the dog’ action that will drive fish wild.  The inner foil colors are also great on this lure as not only will the fish be called to the surface movement but also by the reflection into the depths off the inner foil as the lure turns from side to side. Nothing can beat the thrill of some top water action and nothing will beat the success you will experience with the Fly Half.

Length: 80mm / Weight: 16g / Hook Size: Owner ST41

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#442 Shiner
#443 Smoked Pearl
#444 Cloud Dancer
#445 Sugar Coral
#446 Apricot Pink

The Fish Inc. Lures Fly Half 80mm popper is built tough to punch above its weight and comes fitted with HD Owner trebles.

At 16 grams in weight it casts like a bullet and Its unique belly design and balanced weight allows it to be retrieved easily with a ‘walk the dog’ retrieve, popped with a subtle pop, or popped more aggressively to move plenty of water and create more noise.

As well as providing casting distance and balance, the internal weight also emits a low audible click when the lure is walked or popped, drawing fish to the lure.

Finish quality and colours are to the normal top shelf standard produced by Fish Inc. Lures, with either a chrome look finish or internal foil design that will create flash, attract strikes and assist the fish when zeroing in on the surface presentation.

A bite size profile that will appeal to a wide range of species and punch well above its weight. Buckle up!



  • Solid wire through body
  • Fixed weight system (silent)
  • Ultrasonically welded and tank tested
  • Fitted with ST-41 Owner treble hooks



  • Length: 80mm
  • Weight: 16g
  • Hook Size: Owner ST41
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#442 Shiner, #443 Smoked Pearl, #444 Cloud Dancer, #445 Sugar Coral, #446 Apricot Pink