MajorCraft Dangan Braid


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X4 12lb/4.8kg 150m
X4 14lb/6.1kg 150m
X4 20lb/8.6kg 300m
X4 25lb/10.5kg 300m
X4 30lb/12.8kg 300m
X4 40lb/18kg 300m
X8 16lb/7.2kg 150m
X8 20lb/8.6kg 300m
X8 30lb/18kg 300m
X8 40lb/19.5kg 300m
X8 50lb/22.7kg 300m

Braid revolutionized the fishing market delivering more sensitivity and improved casting distance for multiple fishing styles. It is generally available in both 4 and 8 strand braided lines and Majorcraft has both. As the name implies, 4 and 8 refer to the number of microfilaments weaved together. The difference is in the end product with 8 strand being smoother and rounder. This is because the fibres are woven differently to 4 strand and the bundles are smaller with more of an even circumference along the length of the line or weave. It produces a supple, smooth line that is less likely to sing through the guides. 8 strand is generally more expensive to produce. 4 strand is regarded as robust and less supple but better able to deal with the demands of offshore bait fishing for instance. It is also cost effective for a wide range of activities.

The new series covers general angling and squid fishing with line available in both 4 and 8 strand offering a top quality line in two options. The Dangan Braid’s original yarn is a super strong, polyethylene fibre made by Tobyo which is custom twisted in a Japanese factory to develop a braid with a lower stretch, higher sensitivity.

The Dangan comes in a range of strengths and is user friendly for beginners as well as having the performance needed for lure casting anglers. 


Specifications x4:

LB KG PE Dia. Metres
X4 12lb 4.8kg 0.6 0.10mm 150m
X4 14lb 6.1kg 0.8 0.12mm 150m or 300m
X4 20lb 8.6kg 1.2 0.15mm 300m
X4 25lb 10.5kg 1.5 0.17mm 300m
X4 30lb 12.8kg 2 0.19m 300m
X4 40lb 18kg 3 0.25mm 300m
X8 16lb 7.2kg 0.8 150m
X8 20lb 8.6kg 1 0.13mm 300m
X8 30lb 18kg 1.5 0.19mm 300m
X8 40lb 19.5kg 2.5 0.22mm 300m
X8 50lb 22.7kg 3 0.23mm 300m
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X4 12lb/4.8kg 150m, X4 14lb/6.1kg 150m, X4 20lb/8.6kg 300m, X4 25lb/10.5kg 300m, X4 30lb/12.8kg 300m, X4 40lb/18kg 300m, X8 16lb/7.2kg 150m, X8 20lb/8.6kg 300m, X8 30lb/18kg 300m, X8 40lb/19.5kg 300m, X8 50lb/22.7kg 300m