Hook’em/Ho Saku Octopus Skirts


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Blue 12cm
Bright Pink 10cm
Bright Pink 11cm
Bright Pink 12cm
Bright Pink 15cm
Bright Pink 7cm
Bright Pink 8cm
Briliant White 10cm
Briliant White 12cm
Briliant White 15cm
Briliant White 8cm
Green 11cm
Green 7cm
Green 8cm
Lumo Lime 10cm
Lumo Lime 11cm
Lumo Lime 12cm
Lumo Lime 15cm
Lumo Lime 18cm
Lumo Lime 30cm
Lumo Lime 7cm
Lumo Lime 8cm
Silver Fleck 10cm
Silver Fleck 12cm
Silver Fleck 15cm
Silver Fleck 8cm

Available in various colours and lengths.

All types come with 5 per pack.

Additional information

Blue 12cm, Bright Pink 10cm, Bright Pink 11cm, Bright Pink 12cm, Bright Pink 15cm, Bright Pink 7cm, Bright Pink 8cm, Briliant White 10cm, Briliant White 12cm, Briliant White 15cm, Briliant White 8cm, Green 11cm, Green 7cm, Green 8cm, Lumo Lime 10cm, Lumo Lime 11cm, Lumo Lime 12cm, Lumo Lime 15cm, Lumo Lime 18cm, Lumo Lime 30cm, Lumo Lime 7cm, Lumo Lime 8cm, Silver Fleck 10cm, Silver Fleck 12cm, Silver Fleck 15cm, Silver Fleck 8cm